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About Resonare
Resonare is an Anthroposophic music foundation course for musicians, music educators, class teachers, eurythmists, and fellow seekers on the path of spiritual knowledge.

The mission of the Resonare Foundation Course in Music out of Anthroposophy is to offer students the opportunity:

1) to encounter tone and interval in their spiritual as well as physical aspects
2) to explore the phenomena of music through experiential research and study
3) to foster creativity in a collaborative setting
4) to re-awaken inner listening

We meet five weekends over the course of 8 months.  The rhythm for each weekend consists of an evening dinner and sharing on Thursday, classes all day Friday and Saturday, and an artistic review on Sunday morning.  The curriculum covered in each weekend session includes phenomenology, music theory, lyre work, singing, studies in the evolution of consciousness through music, Spacial Dynamics®, eurythmy, and improvisation.

Resonare is sponsored by the Lyre Association of North America and takes place in Camphill Village, Copake, NY.